Water borehole Ndola

In July 2019 a SwiZimAid group visited Ndola in the North of Zambia. We were very impressed by the old peoples home of the Salvation Army with some great residents.

Impressions of this trip can be found here: NdolaFilm

Col. Chalwe, leader of this home told us about the main challenge with water in this region and also for the home. We decided that we would like to help out with the renovation of the water pump which would not only help the home but also the whole community.
After fundraising and many emails sent to Lusaka and Ndola finally the project was realised and finished in August 2020.

Here are a few words from the Salvation Army project officer from Lusaka concerning this project:

I write to inform your office that the rehabilitation works for the water system at Mitanda Home for the aged has been completed. The water level in the borehole increased after the water drilling company the depth of the borehole. The booster pump with other installations were done and the centre has clean and safe water every day. You have served many lives at Mitanda, especially this time when the Country is affected by Covid 19 pandemic. This community has enough water to wash their hands in preventing possible infections and they are very happy to receive this great support from Switzerland Territory. The project will be maintained well, so that the centre can continue to benefit from it for many more years.

Pictures below show some residents, the old people’s home and also pictures of the water borehole: