Zimbabwe songsters visit December 2019

In June 2019 the Zurich Central Band had a summer concert at the Paradeplatz where the DC of Zurich, Markus Brunner asked me if it might be possible to invite an African singing group to Zurich for the Salvation Army “Topfkollekte” - kettle collection. I promised him I would give it a try.
After many hours of work concerning Visas, passports etc. Nolliet Banda, Priscilla Mushababiri, Tendayi Karombo and Percy Mhariwa - all part of the Zimbabwe Territorial Songsters - landed in Zurich on the 6th December - their first time outside of Africa! They took part in the following Salvation Army events:
- Salvation Army Christmas feast for the poor in Wipkingen
- Salvation Army Topfkollekte all around Zurich
- Various Salvation Army meetings at Zurich Central
- Singing Christmas tree in Zurich city

During their stay in Zurich many people in Zurich Central Corps took care of them, showing them around Zurich, but also visiting Bern, Basel, Lucerne or the Rigi.
We were thrilled to have these four very fine Salvationists with us for this time and were blessed by their engagement and commitment. We wish them God’s blessings when they return to Zimbabwe, a country with various challenges. Many thanks for your visit!
D. Bates

Some words from the Zimbabwe team leader, Percy Mhariwa
From the day we arrived we got picked up from the airport and were shown were would stay and it was a great apartment to start with. We had a great time touring Switzerland, going to Bern, Basel, Lucerne ,Rigi and traveling within Zurich too. This is just a beautiful place with so much to see and admire. And the people here are amazing, very caring, they have so much joy in their hearts. Thanks to the people who spared their time to show us around Switzerland! We participated in the Christmas caroling in Zurich and it was also amazing how people responded to our African feel of music and some would come and dance with us! Not forgetting the food, the meals they cooked for us were so delicious! We also learned a lot from the Swiss culture especially to be on time always...
We are also grateful that we had the opportunity to meet the Commissioner and the opportunity to be in Switzerland is a blessing indeed!
Thank you for the support, care and love you gave us!